10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Good morning! Here’s the overnight and weekend news.

  • Apple put out a statement saying exactly what kind of information it turns over to the feds, and how often. It says iMessage and FaceTime are encrypted from end-to-end.
  • Samsung says it will sell a phone that transmits data at twice the speeds of its current Galaxy S4. The phone will go on sale as soon as next month in South Korea.
  • Apple will call witnesses to the stand it in ebook antitrust cases this week.
  • Like all the other online advertising industry people at the Cannes Lions Festival this week, Facebook PR man Adam Isserliss has a nice view out his hotel.
  • Here is a photo of the entrance to a Yahoo party at Cannes, guarded by a very serious looking guard dog.
  • Ford is bringing knobs and buttons back to its cars after drivers complained about using touchscreens while driving.
  • Here’s a review of Microsoft Office for the iPhone.
  • UK Internet service providers are going to start filtering porn automatically. Users will have to opt-out of the filtering.
  • Samsung phone owners will get the new Jay Z album early and free.
  • Here’s how to become invisible to the NSA’s spying program.

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