10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning!

  • Yahoo is reportedly in talks with Tumblr to either take a large stake or buy the company outright.
  • Google rebuilt its AdMob developer tools for appmakers who want to make money through advertising.
  • You can get a CS degree from Georgia Tech for $7,000 through online courses.
  • Following a 60 Minutes interview a couple weeks ago, the New York Times has story on Laurene Powell Jobs’s philanthropic efforts.
  • MessageMe, another entrant into the crowded smartphone message app market, just raised $10 million from Greylock.
  • The CW is now also an app on Apple TV. It’s the first network to do that.
  • With Twitter, Box, and Atlassian on the horizon, tech IPOs are picking up again.
  • The people making Google Glass want developers to build apps for payments, working out and karaoke.
  • The average work week at Foxconn still exceeds China’s laws.
  • Hopefully, Apple will use some of these great existing ideas in iOS7.

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