10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

facebook windows phone opener

Photo: Ellis Hamburger, Business Insider

Good morning. Here’s the news. After, come to SAI for the latest live news and analysis all day.

  • You can now make free phone calls through a Facebook smartphone app.
  • Stumbleupon laid off 30% of its staff.
  • University researchers say Twitter can help you lose weight.
  • This app correctly detects cancerous moles 98% of the time.
  • Facebook “fired the killing blow” at the $55 billion server market on Wednesday.
  • 300 weirdos purchased $22,000 TVs from LG.
  • Asus says it might make a Windows Phone, maybe a folding one.
  • Apple forbids criticism of religion in App Store video games.
  • Aaron Swartz’s prosecutor has finally stepped forward to defend herself.
  • Survey Monkey just raised $850 million in debt.

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