10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

google io hangout group chatGoogle announced a new messaging app called Hangouts

Good morning! Here’s the overnight news:

  • Google made a ton of product announcements at its big developer’s conference yesterday. You can catch up on all of them here.
  • These are the 19 best venture capitalists investing in enterprise tech.
  • Google is joining with NASA to buy a computer “which performs complex calculations thousands of times faster than existing supercomputers.” They’re going to use it to study artificial intelligence.
  • Google announced a new messaging app called Hangouts, and The Verge has a big feature on it.
  • One third of all smartphones sold in the first quarter were on a prepaid plan.
  • Soon you’ll be able to send money via Gmail.
  • Time Warner Cable is considering taking a stake in Hulu.
  • During his keynote, Larry Page said some “kumbaya” stuff about the technology business not being about competition. John Gruber says that’s a bunch of baloney.
  • The co-CEOs of Groupon came to BI for a chat. They believe it can be a $100 billion company. 
  • Steve Jobs wrote a letter to James Murdoch about eBooks pricing, and it’s now being used as evidence in a price-fixing lawsuit. Your copy of the email is here.

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