10 Things You Need To Know This Morning


Good morning, welcome to the week. Here’s news:

  • HP’s board was furious Mark Hurd settled his sexual harassment case, because it impeded the board’s own investigation into what really happened between Hurd and Jodie Fisher.
  • Dell announced plans to buy data storage company 3PAR for $1.15 billion in cash.
  • Hulu is looking at an IPO valued at $2 billion, according to star M&A reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin and Michael De La Merced.
  • Lycos, the super old search engine, is still around and it has been sold for $36 million from Korean company Daum to Indian company YBrant.
  • Facebook paid around $10 million for Chai Labs, a startup working on helping publishers launch search friendly sites. It was founded by an ex-Googler.
  • Aydin Senkut raised $40 million for a “super angel” fund. (He has invested in 60 companies in the past.)
  • Google is on the cusp of buying Like.com, a visual search company, for north of $100 million.
  • Apple’s iAds are taking longer than normal to develop because Apple controls the process, which is frustrating advertisers. 
  • Loic LeMeur, the man behind Seesmic, estimates the average app maker gets about $500 in sales for a paid app.
  • A Microsoft iPad rival is coming into shape from MSI, which posted pictures of the device.

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