10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Flickr/orcmidYou want a smartwatch? We can make one of those, sureGood morning! News.

  • Dish wants to pay $25.5 billion for Sprint, spoiling SoftBank’s plans.
  • Like Samsung, Google, and Apple, Microsoft is also developing a “smartwatch.”
  • The EU accepted Google’s solution to its anti-trust investigation. 
  • Baidu, the “Google of China,” opened a research lab in Silicon Valley.
  • Some students from Southern California launched a Kickstarter to reinvent laser tag.
  • This chart shows how when it came to revenues, Apple used to be an iPod company, and now it’s not.
  • These tech companies have the happiest employees in the industry.
  • Here’s how to get “Facebook Home” running on almost any Android device.
  • “The destiny of [Google’s search engine] is to become that Star Trek computer, and that’s what we are building.”
  • When it came to the massive, rapid adoption of smartphone apps, Mark Zuckerberg almost blew it with a horribly wrong prediction. Here’s the story of how he reversed course.

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