10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

samsung galaxy s4 finger hover view in emailThe Samsung Galaxy S4 has fancy camera software

Photo: Steve Kovach/Business Insider

Good morning. Here’s the news.Don’t forget to come back to SAI later today for more!

  • Samsung introduced a new flagship smartphone last night in New York: The Galaxy S4. Here are photos.
  • Before Samsung’s big event, rival smartphone-maker HTC brought hot drinks – and demo gadgets – to reporters waiting in line outside.
  • Tech CEOs from Marissa Mayer to Mark Zuckerberg sent a letter to President Obama urging immigration reform.
  • Meanwhile, Obama plans to talk tough with the new Chinese president about cyber attacks.
  • IBM and EMC are both looking at acquiring database web-hosting company SoftLayer for a price around $2 billion.
  • PS3 and Xbox chip-maker Nvidia says Sony wanted to pay too little for chips in its upcoming PS4, and that’s why the business went to AMD.
  • After announcing a new flagship phone last night, Samsung then announced two new … CEOs. It has three total now.
  • Google chairman Eric Schmidt is going to Myanmar, which doesn’t have much access to the Internet.
  • Besides Apple, Samsung’s success with Galaxy phones really puts the screws to Taiwanese suppliers.
  • Soon, smartphones will autocorrect your typos before you even make them.

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