10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

nokia 925

Good morning!

  • Nokia came out with a new flagship phone, the 925. It’s just like the 920, except its made out of aluminium.
  • Instagram remains unavailable on Windows Phone, so Nokia is including an app from Hipstamatic called Oggl.
  • Activist shareholder and hedge fund manager Dan Loeb thinks Sony should sell a minority portion of its stake in Sony Entertainment to the public through an American IPO.
  • Google fibre is coming to Gladstone, Missouri.
  • Sharp posted its biggest annual loss ever. To save itself, it’s going to sell more parts to Samsung, in addition to selling parts to Apple.
  • 75% of all smartphones sold in Q1 were Android phones.
  • ESPN and Twitter have an ad deal that will bring sports highlights directly into the Twitter stream.
  • Know what’s nerdier than wearing Google Glass? Answer: Wearing fake Google Glass that you made with a 3D printer.
  • Facebook hired a Pixar illustrator to draw its emoticons.
  • The California donation registry created by a law Steve Jobs helped pass is launching today.

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