10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

woman holding iphone 5

Photo: Getty Images


  • The WSJ says demand for the iPhone is weak, and that’s why Apple is cutting orders from its supply chain.
  • And now AAPL is headed south.
  • No one at CES showed off a credible fix for TV.
  • LinkedIn rival Viadeo has 50 million users, and just opened a US-based “innovation lab.”
  • 2012 was a horrible year for the video game industry, and now it looks like the holidays didn’t help much.
  • Anonymous replaced MIT’s website with a memorial for Aaron Swartz, the 26-year-old Reddit cofounder who committed suicide.
  • This product helps put your shoebox of old photos on the Internet.
  • Former Windows boss Steven Sinofsky went to CES, and has shared his thoughts and observations.
  • Gartner says PC sales fell 4.3% in the fourth quarter as consumers favoured smartphones and tablets.
  • Why do ex-Microsoft executives all seem to use Apple products? A few answer here.

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