10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Warren East, Arm Holdings

Photo: TheStreet.com

Good morning! Here’s the news you need:

  • RIM is going to ship 1 million PlayBook tablets in Q1, while Motorola will ship 700,000-800,000, according to gossiping Asian supplier sources.
  • Popular European streaming music service Spotify is launching the US “for sure,” because “they’ve got the deals now,” a music industry source tells the NY Post.
  • Chip design company ARM Holding’s stock is soaring in the last two days after a Barron’s article praising the company, and (we assume) after investors saw something telling in Intel’s earnings last night.
  • The News Corp. tablet only newspaper “The Daily” has been pushed back by weeks, as Apple nails down its subscription billing and publishing.
  • The U.S. government may try to stop Google’s acquisition of ITA software.
  • Verizon CEO hints that Apple will launch a 4G phone in 2012, because Verizon is further along than most with 4G.
  • Before Goldman decided to buy Facebook stock, two funds we started in the last year with the sole purpose of buying Facebook shares.
  • Groupon is meeting with bankers to decide on an IPO.
  • 107 trillion emails were sent last year!
  • Motorola’s super phone that docks into a laptop, the Atrix could be launching March 1.

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