10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

lindsay arrested development

Good morning. Want some news? Good!

  • Bloomberg apologized for the way journalists were using its terminal clients’ proprietary data.
  • Some senators introduced a bill called the “Deter Cyber Theft Act.” It’s a response to hacking from China and Chinese companies.
  • Marissa Mayer hired one of her old Google colleagues into Yahoo, Path VP of product Dylan Casey.
  • In this video, Bill Gates gets emotional talking about his last visit with a dying Steve Jobs.
  • Samsung says its figured out a way to build faster “5G” wireless access into phones. That’s not very impressive, because its the mobile networks that have to actually invent and build a 5G network.
  • iTunes customers spend about $40 per year on content.
  • “In addition to the optional Start Button and boot-to-desktop options, there may be other interface adjustments in the works, according to one of my Blue tipsters,” reports Mary Jo Foley.
  • A trailer for Netflix’s “Arrested Development” season four is now online.
  • Facebook Home is missing key features Android users expect because most of the Facebook Home team uses iPhones.
  • This high schooler says Twitter helped him get into UCLA.

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