10 Things You Need To Know This Morning


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Here is your morning news:

  • Google finally came out with a new Google Maps for iPhone and David Pogue thinks its awesome.
  • This year, NORAD will track Santa using Bing instead of Google.
  • Dish Network won the rights to a massive swath of the wireless spectrum – a $9 billion-sized swath.
  • This headband can read your thoughts and control a computer.
  • Amazon launched its Kindle store in China.
  • Delays to the JOBS Act is slowing down startups that intended to be crowd-funded.
  • This interview with VC Bill Gurley is getting lots of praise on Twitter.
  • Remember SAI editor Dan Frommer? He’s just launched a travel guides company.
  • New Hampshire cops tasered a woman who bought too many iPhones.
  • YouTube studio Maker Studios and its biggest star, Ray William Johnson, are going through an ugly public spat.