10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

steve yegge google plusSteve Yegge

Photo: Via Google+

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • A Google engineer named Steve Yegge¬†posted an epic rant about Google and Amazon on Google+ and accidentally made it publicly viewable.
  • According to Yegge, Jeff Bezos of Amazon “makes ordinary control freaks look like stoned hippies.
  • There are rumours that Google’s next acquisition will be Akamai. If Google wants to turn YouTube into a cable TV alternative, Akamai’s technology will be invaluable, but Google denies the acquisition rumours.
  • AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is STILL hoping for a merger with Yahoo.
  • Apple released iOS 5 yesterday¬†and updating our devices was a massive headache.
  • Apple has 5% of its workforce working on chips for post-PC products like iPad and iPhone.
  • We learned that social gaming giant Zynga is only profitable because of a sneaky accounting change.
  • The latest update to Foursquare’s app includes “Radar,” a real-time alerts feature.
  • Microsoft has bought a gaming company called Twisted Pixel.New York advertising startup MediaMath is aiming to raise a big round of funding for acquisitions.

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