10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Dennis Crowley and beer

Good morning, here’s the news:

  • Microsoft is reportedly issuing debt so it can buy back stock.
  • Mobile is going to be a part of everything Google does says Ad Age, which has an interview with AdMob’s CEO.
  • Google Voice is going to be approved by Apple, after all, it looks like.
  • Nokia is holding a big event, and it’s taking aim at Google and Apple, saying more people buy Nokia phones than either of those companies.
  • Verizon wants to launch its own V Cast app store on Google Android phones, which will compete with the Android Market.
  • “Urban entrepreneurs” like Dennis Crowley, are one of tech’s megatrends says angel investor Ron Conway in a presentation to his investors.
  • Microsoft’s principal researcher says the company’s big touch screen table, Surface, will be in homes in three years.
  • Apple is on pace to sell 3.8 million Macs this quarter, up 23% from a year ago, and slightly better than Wall Street expectations.
  • While pundits have declared the death of RSS, Google just put out a graph showing strong growth in Google Reader usage, and reading.
  • Video game players make decisions faster than non-video game players, and they’re just as accurate, according to a new study.

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