10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

FacebookGood morning!

  • New York cops are getting Android phones.¬†They don’t make calls, but they do look up criminal histories.
  • Twitter is launching a music discovery app this weekend at the Coachella festival.
  • Apple is going to pay a $53 million settlement over iPhone warranty complaints.
  • Here’s a profile of Joe Green, Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard roommate who is now co-ordinating running FWD.us, Silicon Valley’s latest attempt to influence policy in DC.
  • Nvidia is going to return $1 billion to shareholders.
  • Nasdaq boss Robert Greifeld will lose a $542,000 bonus thanks to the Facebook IPO fiasco.
  • Bing results contain 5X as many malicious websites as Google search results.
  • Intuit employees are the happiest workers in tech. After that, there’s Texas Instruments and Avayay.
  • IBM is going to invest $1 billion in improving solid-state drives for data centres.
  • Apple and Universal Music have agreed on deal that will bring streaming radio to iTunes.

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