10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Charlie Cheever

Photo: Charlie Cheever

Today, Apple will announce a new iPhone, and we’ll have live coverage out the wazoo.Here’s some other news:

  • Yahoo will get billions of dollars from its sale of Alibaba stock in one week. Where will Marissa Mayer spend the money?
  • Here are the new iPhone headphones and phone-charger.
  • Charlie Cheever, cofounder of Quora, is out.
  • There is now a Zipcar for scooters, called Scoot.
  • Microsoft has patented the Holodeck from Star Trek.
  • A Shanghai newspaper sent a reporter to work in a Foxconn factory for a week.  Foxconn has already apologized for how he was treated.
  • iPhone 5 sales might not match iPhone 4s sales, says one analyst.
  • Amazon is building shipping centres all close to major population areas. Is same-day shipping coming?
  • Here are some previously unpublished photos of Steve Jobs in Apple’s very early days.
  • Mark Zuckerberg spoke for the first time since Facebook’s IPO yesterday, and he said so much the stock went up 4%.

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