10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Photo: Bioffice via Flickr

Good morning! Here’s some news to get the week going:

  • Google secretly invested $100 million in Zynga, and is planning on launching its own Google Games network in the fall.
  • Facebook is dragging down the price of online advertising for everybody.
  • The Wikipedia Foundation wants to hire 44 new employees in the next year, and raise $20 million in donations.
  • A WiFi enabled iPhone could be on sale in China very soon. It looks like a 3GS model though, not an iPhone 4.
  • Google is working on new interactive video display ad units.
  • Apple has put out 4 new ads for the iPhone 4. All deal with FaceTime.
  • Foxconn electronics had a record month for revenues in June.
  • Twitter’s latest revenue plan: charge to get you more followers.
  • Sprint might “flub” its 4G lead. It can’t make enough 4G devices to keep up with demand.
  • Google is offering a do-it-yourself kit to make apps for Android.

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