10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

apple ios 7

Good morning. Here is the overnight news:

  • Apple announced a lot of new things yesterday, including a new iOS, a new Mac Pro, and more powerful MacBook Airs.
  • After Apple’s big show, “Wall Street’s initial reactions were measured but positive.”
  • Here’s the story of how PRISM leak Edward Snowden rendezvoused with reporters from the Guardian in Hong Kong. It’s like a spy novel.
  • Meanwhile, government investigators say the documents Snowden leaked should have only been accessible to 30 or 40 people – one of which, Snowden was not.
  • Sony said a lot more about the PlayStation 4 yesterday. The Verge likes it: “The PlayStation 4, while perhaps a more conventional product, appears to beat the Xbox One in just about every area that counts.”
  • Microsoft gave a presentation on Xbox at a big gaming conference yesterday. Here it’s been edited down to two minutes.
  • Lamoda, a Russian online fashion site founded by the infamous Samwer brothers, just raised $130 million.
  • Yelp is a little more Foursquare-like today, with a new recommendations engine built-into its app.
  • The new iOS will block unwanted calls and texts if you want it to.
  • Softbank raised its bid for Sprint.

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