10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Hello there. Let’s get you some news, pronto:

  • Apple and Microsoft are in a tiff over an iOS app called SkyDrive. Apple wants a 30% cut and Microsoft doesn’t want to pay it.
  • Apple now controls 27% of the LTE market. Samsung is the leader with 40%.
  • A news startup out of Amsterdam says it can deliver breaking news 10 to 15 minutes faster than Bloomberg or Reuters.
  • Here’s a longer look at Medium, the blogging platform from early Twitter execs Ev Williams and Biz Stone.
  • Intel says it will start making mobile chips in 2013.
  • South Korea is having a hard time with online porn.
  • A study shows that consumers aren’t that worried about advertisers targeting them based on their Web-browsing histories.
  • Venture investing had a rough quarter outside the US.
  • SV Angel partner David Lee is moving from Palo Alto to LA.
  • Google dodged $2 billion in taxes shifting $10 billion in revenue to shell company in Bermuda.