10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

new ipod nanos

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s get to the news.

  • Google chairman Eric Schmidt says there will be a billion Android devices in a year.
  • GM still isn’t buying ads on Facebook.
  • Marissa Mayer should not hire a CTO.
  • This e-reader costs less than most hardcover books – and a lot of paperbacks.
  • This electric motorcycle will go 200 miles on a charge and it’s supposed to be pretty safe.
  • eBay got a big redesign.
  • Mozilla had to pull its latest version of Firefox due to security problems.
  • Name brand Silicon Valley VCs are investing in a startup that will improve airport rental cars.
  • Eye-roller: A student suspended for cheating is suing his high school because the suspension makes him look bad to colleges.
  • Apple’s new iPod is out, and The Verge thinks its OK: small and simple to use, but too dependent on cords.

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