10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Mark Zuckerberg at 2010 F8Are you freaked out?

Photo: jolieodell

Welcome to Wednesday. Here’s what’s up:

  • Facebook will finally release a location-aware product within the next few weeks, most likely featuring an API that lets apps like Foursquare sync check-ins with the social network.
  • Amazon is looking to expand its hardware business beyond the Kindle, says The New York Times, and may some day even make its own phones.
  • Twitter is launching its own official tweet buttons for web publishers to let users easily share their content. Terrible news for Tweetmeme, which powers most existing tweet buttons, unless it is a partner with Twitter on this.
  • Motorola’s long-rumoured Verizon Android phone, the Droid 2, hits stores tomorrow, and will cost $200 subsidized.
  • The Dell Streak, a device larger than a phone but smaller than a tablet, will cost $300 with a contract, $550 without. If you understand what Dell is thinking with this device, please get in touch and explain it to us.
  • That amusing-but-obviously-fake set of photos of the girl quitting her job via dry-erase board? Yeah, they were fake.
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation offers the smartest, most reasonable attack on the Google-Verizon net neutrality deal we’ve seen yet. (Not that we agree with it.)
  • Research in Motion has struck a deal with the Saudis to allow it to continue offering BlackBerry services in the country.
  • The details of why HP CEO Mark Hurd was pushed out — but not fired — are still unclear. But it turns out that on top of everything else, a lot of his employees really hated the guy.
  • Yahoo lost marketing VP Pat McCarthy to the startup world.

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