10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Katy Perry

Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Happy iPhone 5 week. Here’s the news:

  • After iOS and Android, there is a third smartphone operating system changing things in China.
  • Katy Perry inspired LinkedIn’s latest re-design.
  • The FCC has approved the Amazon Kindle Fire HD for sale yet.
  • A bunch of fancy fashion designers are using Google Glass, and will demonstrate them in a big show.
  • Remember Hewlett-Packard? It has a new computer coming out.
  • Microsoft has re-branded its search ad business, and given Yahoo top billing.
  • Google is charging for listings in Google Shopping in an attempt to improve quality.
  • Along with a new iPhone, Apple is going to announce new iPod Touches, a new Nano, and a tweaked shuffle this week.
  • The iPhone 5 will run on LTE, a network faster than 3G, all over the globeĀ (but not on every iPhone carrier).
  • Here’s how much the iPhone 5 will cost.

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