10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good Monday morning. I say we take this week by storm. You in?


  1. Apple and Google would like to buy Kodak’s patents for $500 million.
  2. Instagram photos will no longer show up in Twitter.
  3. Facebook, Google, and Zynga would like courts to reject patents based on vague innovations.
  4. Australian police are warning iPhone users not to trust Apple Maps because bad data put some travellers in danger.
  5. Yahoo and NBC Sports signed a content-swapping deal.
  6. Hey, you can get the Kindle Fire HD for $50 off.
  7. Google’s Motorola will exit South Korea, cutting 500 jobs in the process.
  8. The most likely Mac to be built in the USA is a Mac Pro.
  9. Bloomberg might buy the Financial Times.
  10. Anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee, wanted for questioning in Belize, will get to stay in Guatemala for now.