10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • The BlackBerry PlayBook will finally have a native email app next month.
  • Corning has unveiled Gorilla Glass 2, a thinner but equally strong glass for touchscreen devices.
  • Here’s how meetings changed at Google when Larry Page took over.
  • Google engineer Urs Holzie has lots of good reasons to be obsessed with Internet speed.
  • Microsoft had a weird “tweet choir” at CES last night.
  • Here’s what 2012 looks like for Microsoft and the Windows Phone.
  • Similarly, here’s what Samsung has in store for the coming year.
  • Canaan Partners, one of the oldest VC firms in the Valley, just closed a $600 million fund.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook will make almost $400 million dollars this year.
  • Kickstarter raised nearly $100 million last year for people looking to get their projects off the ground.