10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Jack Dorsey

Good morning! Here’s the day’s news to know:

  • Zynga is not going to IPO this year.
  • Facebook is struggling to have an impact in Japan.
  • Intuit is going after Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey’s payment startup Square, offering a credit card swiper, app, and software for free. It’s also offering a lower discount rate on each transaction.
  • The Obama administration is talking about making a unique internet i.d. for Americans.
  • Here’s the inspiring tale of Google’s employee number 13 — he went from being poor to retiring at 32.
  • Hearst Interactive Media led a $3 million Series A investment in New York Startup Village Vines, a daily deal site for upscale restaurants.
  • Twitter is trying to poach Google’s Chrome boss to work on product.
  • Groupon will start advertising on TV, including Super Bowl pre-game. It wanted to buy an ad during the Super Bowl, but it was all sold out.
  • MySpace will lay off 550-600 employees tomorrow.
  • iPad 2 is coming in 3-4 weeks says Kevin Rose.
  • Bonus: Don’t miss our “20 Questions About The Verizon iPhone”

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