10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Good morning! Here’s today’s news:

  • Nokia named Stephen Elop, head of Microsoft’s Business Division, as CEO. He’s more manager than visionary. Will he switch Nokia to Android? And how will Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer react?
  • Ebay has won a lawsuit against Craigslist, which diluted eBay’s stake in the company. It doesn’t look like winning the lawsuit has much impact though.
  • Despite all the Android-based tablets popping up, Google says Android isn’t ready for tablets yet.
  • More iPhone to T-Mobile talk, this time it comes from a Canadian teleco executive.
  • Apple may abandon Infineon baseband chips for the iPhone in favour of Qualcomm chips. This would hurt Intel, which just acquired Infineon’s wireless division.
  • Google is promising to build research centres in Paris, to please the French government which has given Google a hard time in the past.
  • The SEC and DOJ are conducting a larger than expected investigation into HP to see if/how the company was bribing partners in Russia.
  • Ex-MySpace execs are building a bunch of new startups, TechCrunch takes a look at them.
  • BusinessWeek has a long inside look at Foxconn, the giant electronics manufacturer.
  • China’s Alibaba is re-thinking its relationship with Yahoo, which owns 40% of Alibaba.

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