10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

megyn kelly google glass

Good morning!

  • A clever gadget blogger went to a Nokia event and realised it was being filmed with as-of-yet unreleased Nokia gadgets.
  • Facebook advertisers can now target users based on the apps they have downloaded to their phones.
  • Smart TVs are here. 25% of all broadband-connected households own a TV with an app platform built-in. 
  • Horace Dediu says anyone who owns Apple stock should be ready to see it drop 40% at any time.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the first phone since the BlackBerry considered secure enough to use by the US Department of defence.
  • Yahoo gives new parents $500 to spend on baby stuff. (Facebook gives them $4,000).
  • There is a super long feature about Y Combinator in the New York Times magazine.
  • Martha Stewart is on Match.com. This is her profile.
  • Google fibre is going to Shawnee, Kansas.
  • Fox News host Megyn Kelly tried out Google Glass on air.

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