10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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Ready for some news? 

  • Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has met with Hulu execs about potentially buying the video streaming site.
  • Four guys just bought a mountain for $40 million and plan to hold startup conferences there.
  • Michael Arrington’s VC firm CrunchFund is seeing a 20% to 30% internal rate return on its investments.
  • Microsoft’s VP in charge of Windows development said the new version of Windows 8 that fixes many of the operating system’s problems will be available at the end of June.
  • Google may be setting up retail stores to sell its computerized headgear, Google Glass.
  • Nokia outed its next Windows Phone in a two-page Vanity Fair ad.
  • Google is going to change the interface on Google Maps.
  • T-Mobile has already sold 500,000 iPhones since it began selling the device on April 12.
  • Google is encouraging iPhone developers to make Chrome the default browser for links inside apps.
  • It looks like Google Now is coming to the Chrome Web browser too.

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