10 Things You Need To Know This Morning


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Did you get what you want for Christmas? We hope so!If not, here’s plenty of news:

  • Pop, the Kickstarter project Apple tried to kill, is back on.
  • RIM’s stock continues to tank.
  • Google’s enterprise boss thinks Google can steal customers away from Microsoft.
  • This is what RIM’s next BlackBerry with a keyboard will look like.
  • Acer wants to make a $99 tablet.
  • Even Mark Zuckerberg’s own sister Randi has Facebook privacy issues sometimes.
  • There was a major outage for streaming movies on Netflix on Christmas eve.
  • Some gun companies that support the NRA use video games to market their products. Last week, the NRA said video games were to blame for gun violence.
  • Nokia is working on a Windows tablet that will have a special cover with built-in battery.
  • Steve Jobs’ yacht will be freed from Amsterdam after his heirs agreed to pay $3 million.