10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning

Happy Thursday!

Let’s get right to the news.

Apple poached an executive from Levi Strauss to head up U.S. retail sales on the west coast. However, the company is still looking for a senior VP for its entire retail business.

Yahoo passed Google in U.S. Web traffic for the first time since 2011.

Google is talking to the NFL about streaming games to YouTube.

Disney is considering letting tech companies stream ESPN over the Internet in future connected TV products.

HP CEO Meg Whitman warned that revenues may not grow in 2014 as expected.

SmartThings, a company that lets you control normal electronics over the Internet, has its own online store.

LG says it has plans to make a smartwatch.

A Taiwanese Apple blog says the upcoming plastic iPhone “5C” will be very scratch-resistant.

Activist group the Electronic Frontier Foundation created a site for a fake tech startup called Prsm that can spy on you. The whole idea is to draw attention to NSA snooping.

A programmer in New York wants to teach a homeless person how to code.

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