10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

mark zuckerberg

It’s Thursday. We have a lot of news for you:

  • Yahoo bought Astrid, a to-do list app. Yahoo will shut the service down in about 90 days.
  • Facebook reported earnings yesterday. It beat on earnings expectations, but missed on profits.
  • Facebook also announced its chief accounting officer is leaving.
  • Tablet sales are up 142% year over year, according to IDC. Apple is the number one tablet vendor, while Android is the top tablet operating system.
  • Microsoft is reportedly working on a version of Windows called “Mohoro” that will run entirely in the cloud and beam to your computer.
  • HTC is reportedly working on a mini version of its beautiful Android phone, the One.
  • Netflix lost nearly 2,000 videos from its streaming library yesterday.
  • Here’s yet another report confirming that Apple is changing the design of iOS, the software for iPhones and iPads.
  • HTC reported earnings today, and saw profit fall last quarter as it faced delays for its new flagship phone, the One.
  • Smartphone theft has become a huge problem, but carriers and manufacturers have no incentive to help.

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