10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

SpaceShipTwo's First Supersonic Flight.Virgin Galactic’s spaceShip Two.


Get your weekend started off right with a full dose of tech news:

  • Google plans to build an Android-based video game console and smartwatch. We already knew the smartwatch is coming, but the console came as a surprise.
  • Box CEO Aaron Levie surprised everyone last night when he said he’s thrilled to partner with Microsoft. The two companies are rivals in many areas.
  • Cisco is going after a potential $14 trillion business by adding Internet connectivity to everyday objects.
  • Spotify is moving to a bigger office in New York and will hire another 130 engineers. Mayor Michael Bloomberg helped Spotify make the announcement yesterday.
  • It’s not a joke: PayPal is working on a way for people to make electronic payments from space.
  • Sean Parker wrote an epic 9,500-word rant defending his $10 million wedding in the woods.
  • A lot of new startups showed off demos at the Techstars event yesterday. Here’s what you missed.
  • One of Facebook’s key ad executives left the company.
  • A judge said Apple can’t add the Galaxy S4 to its existing lawsuit against Samsung.
  • A 21-year-old raised the largest seed round ($25 million) of any startup in Silicon Valley history. But he won’t say what he’s working on yet.

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