10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

russian meteor explosion

Photo: youtube

Happy Friday!Did you see this crazy meteor burn through the atmosphere in Russia?


Watch it, and then check out today’s news:

  • The battle between Elon Musk and The New York Times continues.
  • File storage service Dropbox could IPO this year.
  • David Einhorn increased his stake in Apple in Q4.
  • And here are a bunch of hedge funds that are dumping Apple.
  • After the discovery of a bug that lets anyone hack into your locked iPhone, Apple says it has a software fix and will send out an update soon.
  • Microsoft could be missing out on $2.5 billion in revenue by not releasing Office for the iPad.
  • The popular iPhone email app Mailbox went down for several hours yesterday.
  • Microsoft is going after Gmail again with a new attack ad.
  • Could Microsoft make a smaller Surface tablet?
  • Vince Vaughn And Owen Wilson will star in a comedy about working at Google.

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