10 Tech Things You Need To Know This Morning

Snapchat girls phoneSnapchat / Apple iTunesTwo girls use Snapchat.

Happy Thursday!

Here’s the news:

Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for $US3 billion in cash, but Snapchat rejected the offer.

Snapchat rejected Facebook’s offer because it thinks it can get a better one in the future.

Google and HP stop selling their most recent Chromebook following reports that the chargers overheat.

Dropbox added a bunch of tools that will be useful for businesses.

Ecommerce site Fab laid off another 50 employees.

MapQuest completely redesigned its app and added a bunch of new features.

The retrial over patent disputes between Apple and Samsung started yesterday. Apple is asking Samsung to pay $US380 million.

Four out of five smartphones in China run Android.

Facebook Messenger for iPhone got redesigned and now incorporates your contacts list.

Apple is reportedly under investigation in Italy for alleged tax fraud.

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