10 things you need to know in Australia this morning


Good morning.

1. Rates day! You’re still not getting any mortgage relief. All 24 economists polled by Bloomberg reckon governor Glenn Stevens will keep the ship steady at 2.0%. Here’s your 10-second guide to why.

2. But Stevens may talk the Aussie dollar down again. Not that it needs any help – CBA strategist Joseph Capurso reckons it’s overvalued and even a slight push will see it “fall at least 1% in reaction”. And the ASX200 has become a bit of a basket case, yesterday clearly showing it’s unable to hold onto any support above 5000 with the bears running the show. Futures are barely moved and it looks like we’ll be taking a lead from weak US markets overnight.

3. Here are the new rankings for Australia’s top brands:


“New”, because Woolies has finally fallen to Telstra, which probably isn’t going to hold its spot for long unless it sorts itself out. And here’s why Qantas was actually the biggest winner of them all in 2015.

4. You might one day be adding Vinimofo to that list. It’s just scored the biggest funding round ever raised by an Australian tech start-up in the form of a $25 million injection from Blue Sky Venture Capital. Vinomofo doubled its turnover in the past 12 months, and is on track to pass $50 million in annual revenue this financial year. The $25 million is a good chunk of the $200 million they’d like, and here’s how they plan to use it to ensure the whole world can get its hands on a decent drop.

5. Victoria’s Secret has figured out how to turn lingerie into a $6 billion business, mainly by being a vastly different company to the one born in 1977 when it was founded by Roy Raymond. Here are 24 photos showing its near 40-year journey from cheese to class.

6. Microsoft’s CEO wants everyone to stop obsessing over their smartphones. Some might say you would too, if your smartphone sales were as dire as Microsoft’s. But actually, Satya Nadella a) has a surprising plan for Windows Phone and b) just wants everyone to get their real lives back:

A lot of us have the residual effect of the last email, the last thing. You’ve got to get very, very good, I think, in modern life to not have that residual effect spoil your presence. I see people over a dinner table all on their mobile phone, that’s when I say, wow, that’s tragic.

So put your smartphone down. After you’ve seen Nadella’s master plan for Microsoft, in this one slide.

7. Steph Curry, stop it. Here’s the best basketballer on the planet chucking a towel at his post-game presser yesterday:

dumping a cup of Gatorade on Curry’s head

8. Donna Serdula knows so much about the power of LinkedIn, she wrote a book about it. Here’s her five awesome tips for getting noticed and landing your dream job.

9. Your kindergarten kid’s art is probably better than this:


But your kid isn’t painting earthscapes from space, and that’s actually a photo from NASA’s Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer. It’s now snapped 99% of the Earth’s surface – 2.95 million pics – and you can now look at them all, because NASA’s released them to the public. But start with these 21 best ones.

10. Confused about all this “Panama Papers” business? Then check out the explainer on reddit’s “Explain Like I’m Five” thread. Then get up to speed on why Iceland’s PM walked out on an interview when asked about why he felt the need to hide his millions, which now has thousands of Icelanders in the streets calling for his head, because they’re clearly the only people left in the world with a conscience over this sort of thing.

BONUS ITEM: The BBC snags the definitive slo-mo video showing how cats always land on their feet:

Have a great day.