10 things you need to know in Australia this morning

Smithsonian contest winners‘A Little Monkey on a Cliff’ by Hidetoshi Ogata/The Smithsonian.com Photo Contest

Good morning.

1. We need to talk about Belgium. More than 30 people lost their lives as a suspected three men detonated explosions at Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek metro station in Brussels. Police have released this photograph of the suspects wheeling luggage trolleys and believe the fact two of them were wearing a single glove may have been a missed warning for authorities.

On the US side of things, with a key primary votes coming up tonight, but likely candidates had their say. Donald Trump wants us all to “remember how beautiful and safe a place Brussels (was)”, while Hillary Clinton reckons “Americans have every reason to be frightened”.
Here’s more from our coverage:

2. To markets, where not a lot is going on, really. Iron ore slipped a little and the Aussie dollar is holding firm after RBA governor Glenn Stevens resisted any urge to talk it down yesterday. The only impact the terror attacks seem to have had so far is mild speculation the chances of Britain voting to leave the EU in June have increased. So with just minor falls in the US, ASX SPI 200 futures are down 7 points indicating the physical market may be under a little pressure when the market opens today.

3. There’s a hotel opening in Macau soon called The13 and you know it’s luxe because under the “Our Fleet” tab on its website it’s only got “Rolls-Royce Phantoms”. It’s being marketed as the world’s most expensive place to stay and that won’t surprise you when you a) check out these pics of the “entry level” suite and b) learn each room cost $US7 million to fit out.

4. If you want to ensure you’ll never stay at The13, follow these 13 ways to guarantee you’ll never become a millionaire. Find some value here instead – TripAdvisor just released its top 10 travel destinations on the year, along with the best rated hotel in each.

5. This is at once the most boring and exciting GIF we can show you today:

That’s what it looks like when you’re wandering around on the Arctic ice and the USS Hartford pops up to test its sub-zero skills.

6. Bikes! If you’re not riding one, you’ve still got time to get into cycling before bosses around the world take up a new pastime and everyone has to go spend a whole new fortune on the latest apparel and accessories. (We’re hoping it’s polo’s turn.) So don’t spend loads – Daniel McMahon has been hooning around on the Raleigh Roker Comp for a month and here’s why he reckons its the one bike to buy if you only want to buy one bike.

7. In 1988, when James Hansen was director of NASA’s Institute for Space Studies, he had to tell US Congress why it was important that the world had just been through its warmest five-month run since we started recording temperatures 130 years earlier. Fast-forward 28 exasperating years, and Hansen is now back with the results of an alarming paper and trying to warn us now that it’s way worse than we thought. As in cities-destroyed-within-50-years worse.

8. Vale Rob Ford. A year or two ago, we in the media couldn’t get enough of Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s crazy antics. We had Dancing Rob Ford, Smoking Crack Rob Ford, More Popular Than Obama Rob Ford, Rob Ford Being Tickled and even Tiny Hat Rob Ford:

Now, we’re going to miss him. The most colourful mayor in the world has died after an 18-month battle with a rare form of cancer, aged just 46. It’s like he knew the end was coming. Our thoughts are with his family.

9. Did you like the little monkey on a cliff pic at the top of the page? Then you’ll love these eight other incredible photos which took out the major awards last night in the Smithsonian Magazine’s photo contest.

10. Finally, most vitamins are useless. Science fact. But there’s one that isn’t and you should probably use it – this one.

BONUS ITEM: Tinder fails. Loads and loads of Tinder fails like this:

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