10 things you need to know in Australia this morning

These aren’t the cute droids you’re looking for. Picture: Disney

Good morning.

1. Donald Trump made his pick for secretary of state but more importantly, he met with Kanye West and they did a weird handshake:

They discussed “life”, Trump said. On the other matter, picking Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state could prove to be Trump’s biggest test so far. Here’s Josh Barro on why it’s an “especially weird and unsuitable” Cabinet choice and here’s why folks are uncomfortable with Tillerson’s “close relationship with Russia”.

2. To markets, and the Dow didn’t make 20,000 and everyone just had to be content with the new record high. The December SPI contract on the ASX is up 32 points this morning, the Aussie dollar is mildly higher at 75 cents and iron ore futures have tumbled 8.3% in less than a day.

3. Bill Gates reckons stocks are “expensive”. Except Apple, which is cheap right now, according to Citi analyst Jim Suva. Here’s why.

4. The US has now spent $100 billion on a plane that could “never in a million years” win a dogfight with an advanced Russian or British plane, according to combat-aviation expert Justin Bronk. But because it’s the stealthiest plane in the world, it won’t have to, so that kind of justifies the expense. Until you hear former US Navy Commander and aviator Chris Harmer say that stealth technology could have simply been fitted to, say, the F-18 Super Hornet. Which is better and cheaper to buy and operate.

5. Proper reviews for “Rogue One” are out and you already know fans are frothing over it. It’s so… diverse! So here are some quibbles from the experts – it’s a bit slow in the middle, and steals a bit too much from other “Star Wars” movies. Although it doesn’t steal an entire movie, like JJ Abrams did, and thankfully, there are no Ewoks or BB8. Just this guy:

Here’s the roundup and here’s a lengthier take from our own resident critic Kirsten Acuna.

6. And because not every filmmaker is bankrolled by Disney, here’s a story about how an award-winning documentary may have been blacklisted by Netflix because the director didn’t want to sign the restrictive Netflix Originals contract.

7. You won’t need to own a car. Today, it’s this former Tesla and BMW exec jumping on the bandwagon to claim self-driving cars will kill car ownership in just 5 years. That’s a timely remark, because Google finally gave its self-driving car lab its own unit. The company is called Waymo (“Way forward in mobility”) and has a hideous logo:

“We’re getting close. We’re getting ready,” Waymo CEO John Krafcik said.

8. The office Christmas party in on. But that heady mix of booze, gripes, holiday stress and awkward, unrequited feelings for your coworkers is a minefield. Best not to drink at all, but if you must, don’t er, hit on your coworkers’ children? Apparently that’s a thing, because Rebecca Henderson, global group president of HR firm Randstad Sourceright, added it to our list of 11 things you should never say at your office Christmas bash.

9. The Brangelina divorce is getting nasty. The couple signed a thing called an “October Stipulation” which was meant to stay private. But Jolie’s lwayer filed it in court, which made it public record. And now we know Jolie wants Pitt to undergo drug and alcohol testing four times a month if he wants to see his kids. Pitt says the stipulation was deliberately filed to make him look bad.

10. Study of the Day. Someone spoke to 45,000 US teens and found that they were having a harder time than ever getting their hands on some weed.

BONUS ITEM: Danny MacAskill, you are a fool. A beautiful, crazy, front-flipping fool:

Have a great day.

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