10 things you need to know in Australia this morning

Ussie, Ussie, Ussie! Picture: Getty Images

1. A Big Night. US non-farms payrolls, or, if you prefer, US jobs, is released tonight. It’s always the most important economic release of the month, but this time around, it could be the key to directly sparking a US rate hike in December. And markets won’t wait until December to react, so you might want to stay up until the data hits at 12.30am AEDT tomorrow. Until then, David Scutt has all the charts you need.

2. Locally, expect another shocker after the banks dragged down the stock market yesterday. The NAB was hammered (-4.5%) when it went ex-dividend and took the CBA and ANZ lower with it. But they weren’t alone – 8 of the other 9 sectors fell. And traders will probably hold fire today until the US jobs report, putting more weight on the ASX. Already the SPI200 December contract is down 11 points

3. Airbnb won a big battle in its hometown of San Francisco yesterday. “Proposition F” was a measure that, if passed, would have curbed the number of days a host can rent on the platform. Airbnb’s head of global policy, Chris Lehane, enjoyed the moment, bizarrely compared Airbnb’s membership to the NRA, then issued a thinly veiled threat to other cities. He said now Airbnb has successfully rallied its San Francisco user group, it’s going to do the same in 100 cities across the US in the form of “clubs”. And here’s Airbnb’s playbook showing how it will now take over every city, one by one.

4. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is barely a month away, starring the Fantasy Bra and a couple of Aussies, Bridget Malcolm and Shanina Shaik.

Here’s 45 examples of the amazing fashion which will be on show.

5. Perks! A long list of them is almost irresistible when you’re deciding whether to take up that new job offer, right? Here’s what Matt Mickiewicz, cofounder of Hired, has to say about perks:

“…the more perks like dry cleaning, meals, gym and transportation that are provided, the more likely employees are to work long hours. Many companies provide these services with the intention of negating reasons to be out of the office.”

Oof. It’s one of five excellently sneaky ways Mickiewicz gives to uncover the truth about work-life balance in a job interview.

6. Speaking of job searches, how would you feel if 007 walked out of the interview room just before it was your turn? Because, have you been shot 4662 times? That’s on his resume, which has actually been compiled by Kickresume.com, and they’ve allowed us to run it. Yes, here is James Bond’s resume.

7. Just a coupla guys, hangin’ with a jet above Dubai:

It took three months for daredevil team Jetman Dubai and Emirates to pull this off. In addition to jetmen Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet, there were four other aircraft in the sky for the stunt. Watch the whole thing here and start to believe that humans can fly.

8. Mars is cold, dusty and dead. Maybe. And NASA’s scientists say they’ve just collected hard evidence of what probably killed it from their resident orbiting analyst, MAVEN. In March, MAVEN was logging data about Mars’s atmosphere when the planet copped a huge blast of radiation from the Sun. It watched as the blast charged up Mars’s air and pulled its magnetic field out into space, along with air particles that were then lost forever. It’s been happening bit by bit for billions of years. Now the question is – can we fix it?

9. US presidential candidate Ben Carson’s had a fun night. He got a bit of attention when Buzzfeed unearthed footage of him in 1998 saying he believed the pyramids in Egypt were built to store grain. And he’s sticking by his theory today. But he’s also released a new rap radio ad that’s scheduled to appear on urban radio in eight markets specifically picked so it can “reach young black voters”. And actually, it’s pretty good – you can listen to it here.

10. Wondering whether to buy Microsoft’s Surface Playbook? Or should you plump for another MacBook Pro? This might help – 5 things the Microsoft Surface Book can do that the MacBook Pro can’t.

BONUS ITEM: Noodle the labrador puppy fell overboard during a ferry ride off the Italian coast, and was lost forever because the ferry driver wouldn’t stop. Until half an hour later, when some sailing club members inexplicably found a labrador puppy struggling in the open sea. Cue happiness:

Have a great weekend.

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