10 Things You Need To Know In Advertising Today

Lunar glide nikenikeNike is on its way to becoming a luxury brand.

Good morning. Kick off the week with the most important stories you need to know from adland today.

1. Facebook usage among teens has dropped from 95% in 2012 to 88% in 2014, according to a new report from Frank N. Magid Associates. That study follows an earlier report from GlobalWebIndex showing 54% of teenage users said they logged into Facebook less due to a “lack of interest.” 

2. A plus-sized woman asked designers around the world to make her “beautiful” using Photoshop. When Ospina received the images from the different countries, she noticed only three designers had made her look visibly thinner, challenging the notion that only “thin is beautiful” in the Western world. 

3. Nike is becoming a luxury brand. Here are the premium lines that are driving up Nike’s profit margins. 

4. The New York Times is setting up a digital hub in London, The Guardian reports. the US newspaper plans to move 100 staff into the refurbished UK headquarters. 

5. Digiday takes a look at four publishers that killed their comment sections in 2014. Reuters, Re/code, The Week and Mic are among the digital publishers that decided to turn off comments this year. 

6. The American Association of Advertising Agencies has told its members it will not endorse the digital advertising viewability guidelines published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau last week, The Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today reports. The IAB guidelines suggest that 70% of campaigns should reach a standard of at least half of the ad visible on a user’s computer screen for a minimum of one second. 

7. The New York Times has profiled YouTube’s chief executive Susan Wojcicki. The piece covers the early days of Google, the battle to keep YouTube creators on the site and YouTube’s recent huge global marketing push. 

8. AppNexus has acquired cross-device advertising startup MediaGlu. Forbes reports this brings AppNexus’ total M&A outlay this year to $US200 million, most of which was spent on ad server Open AdStream. 

9. These are the 100 Instagram accounts that lost the most followers during the site’s spam account purge last week. Instagram’s own account, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian topped the list. 

10. English football club Grimbsy Town has made a funny spoof of this year’s John Lewis Christmas ad, The Daily Mirror reports. The Conference side managed to persuade its star striker — Lenell John-Lewis — into wearing a bow on his head and sitting under a Christmas tree. 

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