10 things you need to know before the opening bell

Trader Gregory Rowe

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1. S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures hover near record highs after Joe Biden strikes $1 trillion infrastructure deal. See what markets are doing today.

2. Robinhood’s timeline to go public is slowed by the SEC. The regulator has been looking into its growing cryptocurrency business.

3. Peter Thiel amassed a $5 billion fortune in tax-free Roth IRA account. The venture capitalist grew his fortune by using his retirement account to invest in early-stage startups.

4. A formerly cheap plywood substitute’s price has surged 97% this year. The versatile wood continuously hit record highs in recent weeks even as the price of lumber has cooled.

5. Nouriel Roubini warns inflation won’t be temporary. The “Dr. Doom” economist said the central bank can’t tighten policy because there’s so much debt in the system.

6. Earnings expected. Paychex and CarMax are highlights.

7. On the data docket. Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren’s speech, the Baker Hughes US oil rig count, and CFTC fund manager positioning data are due.

8. Bank of America has compiled a list of best ideas for the 2nd half of 2021. The firm says to buy these 31 small- and mid-cap stocks with average implied upside of nearly 30%.

9. One of Wall Street’s craziest trading days could be ‘rocket fuel’ for stocks targeted by SPAC mergers. An ETF expert explains how that will leave those companies vulnerable to the wrath of short sellers.

10. T. Rowe Price investment chiefs break down 3 reasons why US stock-market dominance will falter through year-end. The 3 CIOs also lay out the case for ‘powerhouse’ Chinese equities.