10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Meg Whitman

Photo: AP

Good morning! Here’s the news:

  • HP just hired a new VP of software from outside the company to help fix all of its problems. Good luck with that.
  • Here’s the e-mail Meg Whitman sent HP employees explaining the changes. We’re told this is Whitman’s first company-wide e-mail to employees since HP’s announcement last week that it will be cutting 27,000 jobs.
  • Some are questioning whether Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg should take a brief break from his honeymoon overseas to address concerns over the company’s plummeting stock and its selective disclosure controversy.
  • Larry Ellison thinks Facebook could eventually become bigger and more important than Google. He also admits he used to be a little obsessed with using the social network.
  • Sean Partner revealed at AllThingsD’s tech conference yesterday that he believes Apple may have tried to block Spotify from launching in the United States.
  • Microsoft’s own blog accidentally scooped the company’s big Windows 8 preview release. Oops!
  • Digg founder Kevin Rose has ditched Google+ to become a partner at Google Ventures.
  • Google is reportedly having problems getting manufacturing partners to put out its second-generation Chromebook laptops.
  • John Gruber of Daring Fireball thinks there is a chance that Apple will unveil a new platform for the Apple TV at its Worldwide Developer Conference next month.
  • In case you missed it: Here is Mary Meeker’s latest stunning presentation about the state of the web.

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