10 Things You Need To Know

Good morning! Here’s the news for today:

  • Microsoft is readying its answer to Apple TV and Google TV for CES. It will be a lighter version of Windows in a $200 box.
  • Google is planning on building its own mobile payment system potentially using NFC. You could wave your phone near a register and it would pay for you were buying.
  • Viacom sold Harmonix, the maker of “Rock Band” for $50 plus the assumption of liabilities.
  • Motorola’s handset unit is now independent and facing a steep challenge to build a successful business.
  • Facebook’s new HQ could be a $420 million leaseback.
  • Apple’s market cap flew past $300 billion for the first time ever yesterday.
  • Reddit’s pageviews were up 300% year over year for 2010.
  • Movie companies are quietly rolling out new, extra features for digital downloads in iTunes.
  • 3D TVs were a total flop so set makers are working on getting more internet connected TVs in the market.
  • Google’s Marissa Mayer says the company will start exploring how it can get businesses to make Groupon like offers to users.

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