10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

eric migicovsky pebblePebble CEO.

Photo: SutherlandGold Group

Good morning!Here’s the news:

  • Yahoo defends its decision to ban workers from telecommuting.
  • Someone is selling Google Glass on eBay in case you have a few thousand dollars to burn.
  • Walt Mossberg reviewed the Pebble, a new smartwatch that syncs with your smartphone.┬áHe said it’s nice, but has many annoying quirks.
  • Another reviewer tested the Tesla Model S and the touchscreen went blank.
  • PayPal’s cofounder Max Levchin has a new mobile payments startup.
  • Instagram now has 100 million active users.
  • There’s a rumour from Doug Kass that Apple will announce a stock split today.
  • Google has a new sign-in button for Google+. It’s similar to the Facebook Connect button you see on several sites.
  • Samsung has a new wallet app, just like the one on iPhone.
  • Google’s Andy Rubin said the company doesn’t need a retail store.

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