10 Things You Need To Know About Willpower

  • Flickr/Timm WilliamsPracticing a little willpower every day increases self-control over time.
  • For immediate results: tighten your muscles, sit up straight or cross your arms. Or just think about money.
  • Get enough sleep and don’t miss meals. More shut-eye will stop you from wasting time on the internet. Skipping breakfast can lead to murder.
  • Context is key. Those around you exert more influence on your behaviour than you think.
  • Don’t get cocky. Thinking you have great self-control leads to failure. Sometimes little temptations are harder to resist than bigger ones.
  • Saying “I’ll never do that again” makes you even more likely to do that again.
  • The key to resisting temptation is postponement. 
  • Improve your posture and you’ll improve your willpower. Exercising self-control in one area of life tends to improve it in all areas of life.
  • Want something that can help you increase willpower? Buy a mirror.
  • Self-discipline better predicts success than IQ.

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