10 Things We Learned Today

andy lees

Photo: Microsoft

  • There’s a huge shake-up going on at Microsoft. The two top execs in the Entertainment and Devices division, responsible for gaming and mobile, are out, and won’t be replaced. Andy Lees is now in charge of the company’s mobile business. We don’t envy him.
  • New privacy settings are coming from Facebook tomorrow. The new controls aren’t expected to be substantively different from the ones that caused the ongoing uproar in the tech media, but the company promises they will be easier for users to understand.
  • Rupert Murdoch and the New York Times moved in opposite directions on the pay wall question. The New York Times said its paywall wouldn’t block users following inbound links. Rupert, meanwhile, is pulling individual Times of London stories from Google search results. Good and terrible decisions, respectively.
  • Microsoft spends eight times as much on R&D as Apple.
  • AT&T is offering free wifi for its customers in Times Square, removing some of the burden from its 3G network.
  • If you’re waiting for a colour Kindle, Jeff Bezos has some advice for you: don’t hold your breath.
  • Walmart cut iPhone 3GS prices in half. With the 4G phone coming in a few weeks, the 3G is likely to be discontinued, and demand for the 3GS at that higher price-point is no doubt tanking.
  • New York City’s newest seed-stage investor is… New York City itself.
  • Foursquare continued to have technical problems, as the flood of new users appear to be overloading its service. A nice problem, but, then, it didn’t turn out so nice for Friendster.
  • Hugo Chavez started his own blog. The Internet has officially arrived.

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