10 Things We Learned Today

Here’s today’s roundup of tech news in case you missed ’em:


  • Twitter is testing inline video and photos to be included as part of your 140 character tweets.
  • Disney buys gaming company Playdom to the tune of $763.2 million dollars.
  • Yahoo Japan’s decision to buddy up with Google is not sitting well with Microsoft.
  • Three iPad users are filing a class action lawsuit against Apple for overheating iPads.
  • Wall Street Journal releases a list of the 25 highest paid executives; SAI rounds up the 7 tech executives who made the cut, including Terry Semel of Yahoo.
  • PCWorld offers 5 reasons not to jailbreak your iPhone, even if it is legal.
  • Family Tracker is made relevant again, as iOS4’s multitasking allows users to run the app in the background, updating GPS locations of family members.
  • Amazon is connecting to Facebook accounts to customise product recommendations based on your profile.
  • With waning print readership, NYT technology blog warns readers, “Don’t trust the web.”
  • Chatroulette remains committed to making their site safe: flashers, guard your IP address.

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