10 Things We Learned Today

Here’s today’s roundup of tech news in case you missed ’em:

Steve Ballmer

  • Steve Ballmer soothes investor worries in today’s Microsoft presentation. (Hint: tablets!)
  • View the innards of Apple’s new Magic Trackpad, photo by magical photo.
  • Need more people to follow on Twitter? Mashable lists 15 Developers and Hackers (of the female persuasion) to follow.
  • YouTube extends user videos from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • The crazed launch of iPad’s hottest app is detailed in an exclusive SAI interview with Flipboard CEO, Mike McCue.
  • At the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, a security expert demonstrates ATM hacking for an audience. PC World addresses what we can take away from the conference.
  • Meet the latest revamping of an eReader: Behold! The new Kindle!
  • GetJar, an alternative app store for Android and BlackBerry (among others), announces a download rate of 3 million apps a day.
  • Motorola releases its 2Q earnings, boosted by Android smartphones.
  • Don’t call the iPhone the Jesusphone. Two professors at Texas A&M believe that Apple is “undermining American churches,” says Valleywag.

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