10 Things We Learned Today

Here’s today’s roundup of tech news in case you missed ’em: 

google nexus one

  • Nexus One can no longer be purchased directly from Google. So long, N1… we barely knew ye.
  • Once your parents tried to friend you on Facebook, you knew it was inevitable — Facebook hits 500 million users.
  • First there were 500 million users. Now the naysayers are talking of how Facebook could fall.
  • As more quarterly reports roll out, Netflix manages to disappoint, despite a growth in subscribers and expansion to Canada.
  • Flipboard, Flipboard, Flipboard. The iPad app is taking the web by storm today, taking social media and giving it a “prettier” spin.
  • EBay and PayPal manages to surpass analyst expectations in their second quarter report unveiled Wednesday.
  • Verizon is rumoured to be switching to a limited data plan later this month. Say goodbye to streaming Pandora on your phone.
  • Amazon boasted of the e-book gaining more ground with readers earlier this week; now Google Editions is competing by working with independent booksellers to sell e-books through local bookstore websites.
  • The iPad has finally forced the hand of developers: a report says that the demand for freelancers with HTML5 skills are growing.
  • Have you resisted the iPad, but still want a tablet? Wired rounds up the Apple iPad competition.

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