10 Things We Learned Today

Here’s today’s roundup of tech news in case you missed ’em:


  • Apple announced they earned a bit of money this past quarter ($3.25 billion dollars), surpassing expectations of a low-profit performance.
  • Yahoo! had its second quarter earning announcement as well, but managed disappointing numbers for investors.
  • Microsoft announces the pricing of Kinect, their motion sensory addition to the Xbox, at $150.
  • Google Images search is updated this week, increasing the amount of images found during a search among other updates.
  • Speaking of Google, they also locked down a 20-year wind energy deal in Iowa as part of their new arm of the company, Google Energy LLC.
  • Playboy launches a SFW website that doesn’t include the one reason most people “read” Playboy.
  • Did you or didn’t you, Zuckerberg? Even his lawyers aren’t sure whether Zuckerberg signed a contract that gives some guy 84 per cent of Facebook.
  • 4chan hackers launch a second day of attacks against media site Gawker.com.
  • Developers pulling their hair out over problems Twitter has been experiencing these past two months.
  • What digital media looks like, from the viewpoint of a 3-year-old birthday.

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