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Here’s tonight’s roundup of tech news, in case you missed ’em:

  • Analysts are split over the effect of Apple’s June earnings report, which will be released Tuesday afternoon; given the woes over the much-reported iPhone 4 antenna issues, coupled with the delays in the release of the white backed version, it’s not looking that great.
  • HP has trademarked the name “Palmpad” leading to further speculation that the newest addition to the slate competition will be running WebOS.
  • Although Amazon is reporting that they are selling more Kindle books than the hardbound version, poets are annoyed with the reading device and its electronic alteration of their work.
  • WikiLeaks is back, offering whistleblowers two improved ways to submit sensitive information.
  • IBM has increased its profit over the last quarter, but its sales are still short.
  • Fix your iPhone 4 antenna problems. (Personal favourite: the sport headband method.)
  • Wired’s feature on the relationship between Apple and AT&T hits the web, documenting the relationship between the two mega-companies.
  • The reviews on the Windows Phone 7 continue to roll in and the verdict so far is: underwhelming.
  • Motorola i1 is finally coming to Sprint, and is the first Android product to support Nextel Direct Connect push-to-talk feature.
  • Netflix is expanding their business to Canada, increasing earnings estimates.

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